HERE we go again with remoaners still claiming there is no mandate for Brexit.

Eighty two per cent of people voted for pro Brexit parties. True Labour votes came in hordes when the manifestos were printed as people favoured things other than Brexit proving we all have Brexit views but they are not the defining issue unless like the Tories it is all they had to offer.

The Lib Dems with their remain push only gained four seats and failed to make any ground in their former strongholds in Devon and Cornwall where fishing is the big issue and Brexit is big on the agenda.

Lib Dems also suffered from their pro-drugs legalisation policy which no ordinary person will vote for. The Tories pushed a new vote on fox hunting which went down like a lead balloon in places like Brighton.

They upset the pensioners with their policies which would have removed their money, while suggesting more tax cuts while the deficit is not to be made zero before 2022.

In 2010 they scrapped Labour’s seven-year plan for a five-year one which failed due to the £130 billion pounds of tax cuts and cuts to services which created three years of no growth in the economy.

We are now looking at a 15-year plan as the Tories missed every economic target George Osborne set. Their manifesto had many spending plans and no costings with interest payments on the £1.5 trillion of national debt (which is double that of 2010) preventing the deficit from falling to the intended levels despite the increase in retirement age saving billions.

What a failure the Tories are on Brexit too. Brexit is very simple, it is the UK Government making it complicated. Most things can be sorted after leaving, indeed all incoming governments are likely to change the terms (if they are ever agreed). We should be agreeing each issue in turn, not awaiting the two year target. Easiest is to pay the EU money currently coming to the UK direct instead of via the EU where a lot goes missing.

We can sort out national waters and fishing rights, allowing the UK to decide quotas and issue licences to EU boats.

It is the EU which is suggesting not allowing the UK to stay in the single market unless we take unlimited immigration.

R P Lambeth, Martin Road, Hove