IT is heartening to see The Argus and one of its excellent reporters report on moves towards greater democratisation within the Labour Party (Kyle supporters’ shock over Corbynistas’ vote, July 1).

As the biggest political party in western Europe, the Labour Party, with 600,000 members, has a responsibility to voters to ensure it chooses the best candidates in every election – to represent the party, its leader, and its manifesto pledges.

Therefore, Momentum Brighton & Hove was delighted branch

delegates – not “Corbynistas” – voted by a significant majority

for a motion that argues no

Labour MP has the right to a job for life.

Over the last two years, we have seen how this sense of entitlement by some Labour MPs only increases the gap between elected representatives and the vast majority of grassroots members who worked so hard last month to win the parliamentary seats needed to secure a democratic socialist prime minister.

In Brighton Kemptown, the new Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has already said he will submit himself to re-selection before the next general election.

All this means is that all members routinely – perhaps once very five years! – have an opportunity to let sitting MPs know how they think they are doing as loyal standard-bearers for Labour’s socialist vision for fairness, justice, and equality.

Why would any Labour MP not want to submit themselves, even voluntarily, to such democratic


I am sure most of the 9,000 party members in Brighton and Hove hope the Hove motion attracts widespread support when it is

discussed at the Labour Party

conference in our city in September.

Greg Hadfield, Momentum Brighton & Hove