A COUPLE of weeks ago I did something I have not done for three decades ... I voted Labour.

As a long-standing Liberal Democrat supporter, my vote was purely tactical. The Labour candidate (Lloyd Russell-Moyle) seemed an OK guy.

I thought he was sound on Brexit given this city voted 68.55 per cent Remain. His website gave that impression and Labour were suggesting that they might provide a voice against the Brexit line of the Tories. That certainly was the clear message from Russell-Moyle.

Imagine my disappointment to find that my newly elected Labour MP did not have the courage of his convictions. Instead of joining 49 of his colleagues, the Lib Dems, Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru by voting for a cross party amendment to the Queen’s Speech calling for the Government “not (to) rule out withdrawal from the EU without a deal, guarantee a Parliamentary vote on any final outcome to negotiations”.

At the first opportunity he had to prove his support for the Single Market, Russell-Moyle decided to sit on his hands and do nothing.Part of the reason Russell-Moyle was elected in the first place, was because many of us, who support others parties, lent him our vote. Indeed the Greens even stood down in his constituency to aid his election.

We feel betrayed at the outset by Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

Let down by Labour already ....no surprise there then.

Brian Stone, Marine Parade, Brighton