I VISITED Eastbourne on Saturday and in particular, the 999 emergency day.

The answer to why Sussex Police don't have any money became evident when I saw on display, a Ford Focus RS, an Audi A6 estate and a Ford Mustang, all marked white police vehicles with the yellow and blue reflective Battenburg markings.

These are top of the range cars, the cost of these three cars amounting to at least £100,000, plus the cost of the installation of the blue lights, radio and other equipment.

Therefore I'm now completely dumbfounded that budgets are tight, which in turn is affecting the number of police officers on the street, station opening hours, response times and other services the police offer.

These cars may well look impressive, however, as a tax payer, I'd much rather be paying for reasonably priced vehicles, more officers and better services.

John Pepper

Lincett Avenue