I CAN only describe the new wheelie bin that has just been delivered to me as a monstrosity.

These bins are made in Germany.

They are being shipped over at a great expense to the council taxpayers, not to mention the damage to the environment by not being purchased from a British company.

Not very green is it?

Especially when they could have and should have been manufactured and supplied by a British company, keeping British people in work and not having local taxpayers’ money being used to prop up the German economy.

Perhaps The Argus using the Freedom of Information Act could find out just how much money has been spent.

As the recycling boxes have worked well for many years there really is no need for the supply of new wheelie bins to all the houses in this city.

The money wasted by the council on unnecessary recycling bins could I’m sure have been put to a far better use.

Geoff Wells, former city councillor for Woodingdean