I AM writing this in anger, as Southern Water have yet again committed ecocide.

This French corporation have once again threatened the Sussex coast with toxic waste, and I believe that the people who run this outfit, should pay the financial costs of their ineptitude.

I believe that all directors, the C.E.O. and their corporate parasite shareholders should be 100% asset stripped to pay for the carnage they have created.

While they are at it, I think the company should extend that 3km pipeline by about 80 miles, so the French can deal with the fallout of their country folk’s greed.

However, compared to the state of the Pacific Ocean, the English Channel, (or La Manche in Southern Water parlance), is actually a preferable place to swim, and the sea-life hasn’t been as adversely affected.

For it is a fact that, since the disaster at the Fukushima power plant, in 2010, 300 tons of polluted water, per day, has leaked into the Pacific, causing the irradiation of the entire body of water.

The effects on marine life have been catastrophic, as oceanographers, and fishing communities right down the western seaboard of the Americas, are reporting mutations in animal, and plant life that are so appalling, they can’t even eat what is caught.

The sushi industry will be massively hit by this corporate madness, as will the temperature of the climate.

Then there is the matter of the “produced” water from fracking wells. If L’eau Sud expect me to believe they won’t pump this poison into what is left of our seas, they can think again.

For it is a fact that corporations always do things on the cheap, so the parasitic shareholders can profit to the max, ( hence the Fukushima scandal), so it stands to reason that the C.E.O. of Southern Water could easily agree to this.

After all, this French company announced, on these pages, that our water is now up for grabs to businesses IE fracking

companies, at competitive rates/on the cheap ( semantics), so I have no doubt that when asked to dispose of the returned, poisoned water, they will do it as cheaply as possible.

And that would probably involve dumping the filth at sea.

Indeed, as corporate shareholders don’t give a fig about the damage their greed causes, why should we care if justice destroys their quaint little world?

In finishing, I would just like to say Au Revoir to L’eau Sud, and hope that your crimes catch up with you.

In fact, I am firmly of the opinion that there are life forms that are higher up the evolutionary scale in the 19 million litres of effluence dumped at sea, than there are in that company’s boardroom.

Kenny Lloyd, Norway Street, Portslade