POP legend Neil Tennant has said this year’s Brighton Pride will be particularly special.

The singer said he thought Pride will stand out as the 2017 celebrations mark the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK.

Tennant said after American President Donald Trump’s discrimination against LGBTQ communities - most recently of which, banning transgender people from the army - Prides everywhere will show added defiance.

He told The Argus: “Yes [there will be more defiance] and also because violent homophobia is still practised and even encouraged around much of the world. Nothing can be taken for granted.”

The Pet Shop Boys lead singer will be one of around 200,000 involved in this year’s Pride.

Tennant added: “The fact that it’s 50 years since the original decriminalising legislation in England and Wales passed into law makes is also a special anniversary worth marking.”

Paul Kemp, managing director of the Brighton Pride Community Interest Company, echoes the view, saying the message of peace and love needs to continue to spread.

He feels that although the UK has become significantly more accepting of homosexuality since the legalisation 50 years ago, other countries need to follow suit.

He said: “Homosexuality is still illegal in 72 countries and in eight it is punishable by death, so while we might have more equality in this country, in others there is still clearly a lot to do. “The recent situation in Chechnya is just one example and part of the reason our 1 minute silence this year will remember victims of all hate crimes around the world.”

Mr Kemp also thinks that Brighton remains the pinnacle of Pride celebrations, and sets the benchmark for others.

“It’s great that other cities and towns are able to hold their own Prides and we fully support and encourage them,” he said. “Brighton and Hove is renowned both nationally and internationally as the UK’s biggest and best Pride festival and we welcome guests from far and wide.

“Brighton Pride embraces the whole city with multiple sites and activities across the whole weekend with its unique atmosphere of tolerance and diversity.

“It also helps that we have an amazing seafront Parade route and gorgeous city-centre festival site.”

This year’s celebrations will see history made with a first-ever military involvement when the Tigers display team, of the Princess of Wales Regiment, kick things off with a parachute display.

Brighton College will become the first-ever private school to take part in any Pride festival across the country as its pupils get involved in the parade in rainbow colours. They were inspired by a speech from actor Sir Ian McKellen.