A GLOBAL movement to help the elderly remain active and get back on their bicycles is set to launch in Brighton and Hove.

Cycling Without Age is run by volunteers who take elderly people on bike rides using a three-wheel cycle with a passenger cab called a trishaw.

Volunteer Elly Hargreaves said: “We create life-affirming cycle rides and relationships between elders, care home residents and voluntary cycle pilots.

“You can volunteer as often or as little as you want.

“Our principles are generosity, slow cycling, storytelling, relationships and community, and of course our cycle rides are free!

“Life unfolds at all ages and can be thrilling, fun, sad, challenging, beautiful and meaningful. Cycling Without Age is about engaging people of all ages to build community.”

The project originated in Denmark and is already active in 30 countries around the world.

Duncan Henderson has brought Cycling Without Age to Brighton and the official launch takes place in September.

One of his first trishaw passengers was 93-year-old Kemp Town care home resident Vi.

Mr Henderson said: “I said to Vi, ‘I imagine there’s a lot of memories here for you’.

“She sighed wistfully and said, ‘everywhere! It’s so ridiculous how close I live to the sea and I can’t even remember the last time I was down here’.

“It was a beautiful ride.

“Cycling Without Age helps elderly residents get out of their homes so they can enjoy the fresh air and community around them.

“Forty people have signed up to become volunteer cycle pilots but we are looking for more.

“Five care homes are already interested and the city council’s older people’s housing manager, Peter Huntbach, is a keen supporter. He is working to extend our reach.”

The Brighton team already has one trishaw with electrical power assist and is crowdfunding for another.

View the fundraising page on the crowdfunder website by searching Cycling Without Age – Brighton & Hove.