BURGER King has been criticised by social media users for no longer serving free tap water in their North Street branch.

The fast food restaurant made the decision because of health and safety concerns, just one month before the launch of new app which shows users where to refill their water bottles free of charge.

A Burger King manager told The Argus: “We had a lot of problems with free tap water, especially later at night.

“When we gave tap water out people were throwing it around. Some of the customers fell on the floor because it was slippery.”

The manager said the restaurant used to provide free drinking water until a couple of weeks ago but stopped doing so when some diners were injured after slipping on a wet floor.

“It is a health and safety issue,” he said.

Under current law, only establishments licensed to serve alcohol are legally required to provide free drinking water.

Many Burger King customers expressed their disagreement with the decision on Facebook.

Chloë Kristel Amy-Hannah Hall wrote: “It's not a legal requirement but it's definitely the right, human thing to do.”

“Water should never be denied to anyone,” wrote Rooti Burgs.

Refill, an app which displays businesses that will top up your water bottle for free, is due to launch in Brighton in September.

Smashburger, also on North Street, provide free tap water for all customers, and are welcoming the introduction of the new app.

Assistant manager Michelle Green said: “We have Deliveroo drivers come in all the time and on a hot day we give them a drink.

“It’s a basic human right.”

Other eateries in the city centre are also looking forward to Refill.

Harry Woodhams, general manager of Trading Post Coffee Roasters on Ship Street, said: “We will definitely do it.

“Tap water costs us nothing so there is no reason not to.”