THE leader of Brighton and Hove city council has called on Argus readers to donate just £2 each to save the crumbling Madeira Terraces.

His campaign to raise just under half a million pounds to restore three of the arches and convince national funding centres to come up with the millions needed to regenerate the Grade-II structure entirely, has got off to a strong start.

But despite a major injection of cash last week by a development firm, donations from members of the public are coming in more slowly than in previous weeks.

Argus readers could push the fundraising close to its goal with a minor contribution per person.

Cllr Morgan said: “I’m really pleased at how the Save Madeira Terraces campaign has kicked off. The regeneration of that part of the seafront is going to be the next key phase of securing our visitor economy in to the future, with the terraces and the new arena at Black Rock combining the old and the new in an offer that will make us competitive post-Brexit.

“We had a huge response to the crowdfunding campaign in the first week which was never going to be repeated in week two. But there is both a steady stream of public pledges plus some substantial corporate pledges in the offing.”

Just last week The Argus reported that developer U+I had pledged £25,000 to the campaign.

The company is behind development plans in the city at Preston Barracks and Circus Street, with a combined value of £280 million.

Cllr Morgan said: “This is about securing a small part of the initial costs needed for phase one, restoring three arches, and showing the Heritage Lottery Fund that there is strong local support for the terraces.

“Even if it is just £2, I’d urge every Argus reader to chip in to help restore a part of our history and home town that belongs to all of us.”

The Argus’s editor, Arron Hendy, agreed, saying: “We have more than 74,000 readers every day in print and online.

“If every reader gave just two pounds – that’s not even the price of a cup of coffee – we’d raise £148,000 and the campaign would then be three-quarters of the way to achieving its goal.

“Add in a couple more corporate donations and we’d make it. We’d show the Lottery fund and all the other organisations looking at this campaign how much the city cares about its heritage.

“The Madeira Terraces are a beautiful link to Brighton’s past and they can be a vibrant part of its future if we all help just a little to support our city.”

To support the Save Madeira Terrace campaign, visit