POLICE officials have hit out after a murderer’s jail term for a “horror film” hammer attack on two officers was almost halved.

Jamshid Piruz was told to serve at least five years for the violent attack in Crawley in January last year.

But a Court of Appeal judge has since decided to cut back the minimum term to three years - meaning the “potentially very dangerous” 35-year-old could be back on the streets in less than two and a half years.

Matt Webb, chairman of the Sussex Police Federation, said it was “highly frustrating” a convicted murderer was being treated “so leniently”, adding: “These officers were attacked and assaulted while simply doing their job - investigating crime and seeking to bring criminals to justice.

“I do not believe for one moment that had Piruz attacked a member of the judiciary while they carried out their work that he would be freed in such quick time.

“Policing is a risky business, but being assaulted is not part of the job and will never be part of the job.”

Afghan-born Piruz was jailed in the Netherlands after locking his female tenant in a room and slitting her throat in 2006.

He served six years of a 12-year jail term imposed for the “cold blooded killing”.

After arriving in Britain in December 2015 to visit relatives, the Dutch citizen missed his return flight home from Gatwick Airport on January 4 last year.

He was arrested and prosecuted for assault after he spat at a member of easyJet staff who told him he would need to buy a new ticket.

In court he was ordered to pay compensation, but then went on to burgle garages in Crawley, where he stole tools including a hammer.

On January 7, a passer-by reported Piruz to the police for attempting another break-in. But he lashed out when tracked down and cornered by Police Constables Jessica Chick and Stuart Young.

Footage from body worn cameras showed Piruz being cornered by officers in a tool shed before he lashed out with a claw hammer.

Francesca Lewington, prosecuting at Hove Crown Court, said firearms officers Tasered him three times but to no effect, because of the thickness of his clothing, other than to make him angry.

PC Chick was trapped screaming behind a pillar by Piruz, who swung the hammer at her.

She told the court: "I have never been so scared in my life, I have never been in a situation where I thought 'This is it, I am going to die or I am going to be brain dead".

PC Young, who was hit in the neck, described it as "akin to a horror film".

Piruz, who the court heard witnessed his parents’ murder by the Taliban when he was 11, admitted burglary and two counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent and affray.

Judge Jeremy Gold, sentencing, branded him a “potentially very dangerous man” who could not control his “acute psychotic episodes” and said he had no reason “whatsoever” to inflict such “truly terrifying violence”.

Handing down the Court of Appeal judgment, Justice Timothy Holroyde noted the officers had been in fear for their lives, had battled disturbed sleep and anxiety ever since and serious injury had been avoided “only” through the actions of the officers. But he noted Piruz’s traumatic childhood.

He will not be freed until the Parole Board is satisfied he no longer poses a danger to the public.