A EVENT which aims to inspire and empower women in creative industries is on its way to Brighton.

Wildfire Women will be held across the weekend of September 9 and 10 at The Synergy Centre in West Street, Brighton.

Across the two days there will be workshops, networking and talks by stars of TV and film.

There will also be music, talks from business owners and guidance for women looking for a change in their lives and careers.

The event is the brainchild of life coaches Thea Anderson and Cat Rose, who had become fed up feeling that they could not connect with key speakers at conferences.

Cat Rose, HuffingtonPost blogger, founder of the League of Creative Introverts and co-founder of Wildfire Women, said: “Our aim was to create an event that would gather like-minded women together to share their stories and talk about the big things - their ambitions, passions as well as their fears.

“We also hope it will leave everyone feeling genuinely empowered - not overwhelmed or ‘less than’ the speakers on stage.”

Wildfire Women aims to inspire and foster collaboration and build confidence over the two days.

Actress and musician Sophie Reid, children’s author Alice Reeves and editor of Brighton Girl’s Pippa Moyle are among those set to speak at the event.

They will share their career highs and lows, talk about what has worked for them and offer practical tools for life and work.

There will also be a raffle with prizes donated by speakers and workshop leaders.

Thea Anderson, life coach and co-founder of Wildfire Women, said: “We want to empower any women (or men) looking for a change in their career or life or just needing a little more clarity or connection.

“It’s about fulfilling that sense of purpose and feeling more joy about life in the process.

“We’re also so happy to be donating 10 per cent of profits to RISE, and we will have someone to speak about their amazing work at the event.”

Tickets for Wildfire Women, at The Synergy Centre, are priced £17.25 to £99 with 10 per cent of all profits going to RISE, Brighton’s domestic abuse charity.

While most of those attending are expected to be women, men are welcome to the event.

For more information, a full line up of events and for tickets and prices visit wildfirewomen.co.uk.

There is also a Facebook group with more about the speakers and social activities beforem, during and after the weekend. Visit facebook.com/groups/wildfirewomengroup.