A FATHER attempted to “pimp out” his underage daughter by creating online escort profiles, a court heard.

The father, from Haywards Heath, appeared at Lewes Crown Court yesterday accused of rape and sexual assault against his daughter. He denies the charges.

He has already pleaded guilty to taking and distributing indecent images of her and inciting her to engage in prostitution by creating online escort profiles.

Jurors were told that on two separate occasions between January and June 2015, he attacked her and took photographs on his mobile phone while doing so.

The first of the two alleged attacks took place at his flat where he began touching the girl’s breasts before tying her hands to the bed, then taking photographs of her and raping her, the court heard.

Her first police interview on October 29, 2015, was played to the court via videolink, during which she explained her attempts to resist.

She said: “He took my bra off then he told me to get under the duvet.

“He then got up to go to his wardrobe to get two ties and tied my hands to the bed, then started like kissing my chest.

“Then he pulled down my trousers and put his hand down my underwear.

“I felt scared, worried, upset and nervous.

“He didn’t really say anything while it was happening. He said when I was getting changed after that if I told anyone he would do something horrible.”

The girl said during the five minutes her father allegedly raped her she was “kicking him and telling him to stop” but he would not listen.

Jurors were told that her father then took her by train to Brighton for a shopping trip before she went back to her mother’s house.

The alleged sexual assault offence took place in a cemetery where she said he touched her and took inappropriate photographs with his phone.

She said: “Once in the cemetery he told me to strip. He came behind me and pulled down my trousers, walked back a little bit and started to take photos.

“He then told me to pull them back up. He got his hands and hugged me from behind, putting them down my trousers and touched me underneath my underwear.

“He took them out, picked up the shopping we had and we carried on walking. He said not to tell my mum.”

The girl first told her mother halfway through September 2015 and later told a teacher at her school who she felt she could confide in, the court heard.

The father pleaded guilty in March to two counts of taking indecent photographs of his daughter, one count of possessing 109 indecent images of children including his daughter, one of distributing images of her on the internet, one of inciting her to engage in prostitution and one count of inciting her to take part in sexual activity.

The trial continues.