DO you struggle for somewhere to find your wands and broomsticks?

Well fear not – a Harry Potter superfan is due to open a shop selling merchandise from the wizarding world in Brighton.

Oliver Dall has bought 42 Trafalgar Street – previously musical shop Ziggy’s – with the hope of recreating some of the magic experienced around the world since the first book was released in 1997.

The shop, named Oliver’s, will sell everything a Potter fan might want, from wands to Potter jewellery, clothing, broomsticks, jigsaws and mugs.

It will also sell Harry Potter-themed drinks and sweets.

Mr Dall, of Fleet Street, Brighton, said: “I’ve had a passion for Harry Potter since the very first book came out when I was about eight or nine. It’s amazing that it’s still so popular.

“We’re starting building work next week and anticipate to open in November – just in time for Christmas.”

Mr Dall, 26, previously worked for Fujifilm after being headhunted following the success of his company Mr Snap.

He left the photographic company in January earlier this year to focus on a new start-up but it wasn’t until he visited Japan that inspiration for Oliver’s Brighton struck.

He said: “I had been inspired by the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Japan and knew it had to be something Potter-related.

“It’s still hugely popular.

“Then 42 Trafalgar Street became available and straight away it reminded me of a shop in Diagon Alley.

“From the wooden flooring, the position, the style – it was completely unique.”

Oliver’s has been operating successfully as an online jewellery shop for two months but Mr Dall hopes to deliver more than your usual gift shop fare.

He also wants to offer bookable wand-choosing experiences and monthly competitions.

He said: “We all know the official Harry Potter shop in King’s Cross but I want Oliver’s to be a bit more of an experience.

“The shop is going to be very film-like, as though it could appear in Diagon Alley.

“Within it, there will be a few little extras, for example the Hogwarts Express train is going to be running around the shop.

“I want customers to feel excited about reading the books through their experience in the shop.”

Mr Dall is currently seeking to work alongside Lumos, JK Rowling’s charity, and hopes to donate part of the shop’s annual profits.

Despite the first book coming out 20 years ago, the franchise remains popular with children and adults alike.

Harry Potter World, near Watford, is one of the country’s top attractions with visitors travelling from around the world to visit.