BRIGHTON Zip refused to refund a woman after her eight-year-old grandson became too afraid to jump from the ride.

Karen Yeo was spending the day with her daughter Kara and grandson Bayley, who wanted to try the new seafront attraction.

However, when he reached the top of the zip wire, eight-year-old Bayley was too afraid to go ahead.

Karen Yeo, 53, from Tillstone Street, Brighton, said: “We went to take my grandson on the zip wire on the seafront.

“I was trying to take pictures while my daughter took him up but he decided he couldn’t do it.

“We’ve lost £30 because the company wouldn’t offer a refund. He’s got anxiety.”

Ms Yeo said they were told refunds were against company policy and instead to keep the ticket they had bought as it would be valid should they choose to return within the next year.

She said: “I was so angry. I took photographs of the rules and regulations on the site and neither of those said anything about not allowing a refund.

“I showed this to the owner and he said the form you sign before getting on the Zipwire stated it but when I asked him to show me he was hesitant.”

Although the disclaimer form does state that refunds are against company policy as tickets are valid for up to a year from purchase, she said there is no obvious notification of the company’s refund policy at the attraction.

The Brighton Zip website refers only to refunds in the case of poor weather.

The family complained that there was not enough time given to properly read through the disclaimer.

Ms Yeo said: “You go up to the platform and they get you to sign it but you’ve got 20 people waiting behind you and there’s no time to read it.”

Ms Yeo’s daughter, Kara Leonard, 31, from Montague Street, Brighton, said it was not only Bayley who was scared.

She said: “It’s very wobbly when you get up the top.

“My legs were shaking as I was walking up the stairs. It was frightening.”

She also criticised the Brighton Zip for not offering concessions to Brighton and Hove residents and children.

Brighton Zip was asked to respond to the claims but had not responded by the time of publication.