I and some concerned friends read your news feature on Friday with particular interest.

Littering is just one example of urban blight which should shame Brighton.

We have noticed the appalled reaction of tourists to displays of garbage and flytipping.

One other massive problem that the council does not take seriously is flyposting. 

Every surface and structure (many owned by our council) is covered daily in posters for nightclubs, gigs, festivals and other events – locally and for places farther afield. 

The council’s legal redress is clear, yet it does very little.

I have photographs which show a few examples over months of neglect, including some from last week.

The council has means, motive and opportunity to act.

It has staff in post or employed privately. The evidence is clear and is on council property much of the time; and the means would be the Highways Act, Town and Country Planning Act, ASBO legislation and others we believe to be relevant.

If naming and shaming is being discussed, how about adding these money-making clubs, etc to the mix?

L Norton, Hove