A BUS company faces a bill for damage after one of its drivers reversed into a telegraph pole.

A Brighton and Hove Bus hit the wooden pole after reversing out of the way of another bus in Langley Crescent, Woodingdean, Brighton.

Resident Sam Gosney described seeing severed wire hanging down from the pole.

Mrs Gosney, 46, of Langley Crescent, said: “A double decker bus came from around the corner and its brakes screeched.

“The driver then tried to let the double decker coming up in the opposite direction go past by reversing on to the pavement and into the pole.

“The cable from the pole to my neighbour’s house and mine was severed.”

Mrs Gosney said she comforted the driver but said she was disappointed by the response from the bus official who was sent to handle the collision.

She said: “He got out of his car with his colleague and I was concerned for the cable all over my neighbour’s drive.

“When I asked him about the damage, he turned to me and said ‘it is nothing to do with us’.

“He was really aggressive and rude, taped up the damage on the bus with gaffer tape and then drove off.

“They had no concern over the health and safety welfare of the residents that are affected.”

Mrs Gosney said she was so concerned she rang the police to make sure residents were safe.

Brighton and Hove Buses said its official called BT from the scene before leaving to attend another incident.

The number 22 and 2 bus services use the road.

A Brighton and Hove Buses spokeswoman said: “Two of our buses met inadvertently on a narrow road as one was running late.

“One driver reversed to make way for the other and unfortunately hit the telegraph pole.

“We dispatched a response team who assessed situation and immediately called BT and reported the incident and we were informed the telegraph pole was safe.”

Openreach, which is part of BT and maintains the telephone wires to nearly all homes, said the bus firm can expect a bill in the post.

A spokesman said: “An Openreach engineer attended the site and ensured the telegraph pole and area was made safe following the traffic accident in Langley Crescent.

“Customers have not had their service affected.

“A survey will now be carried out to determine the next steps for telegraph pole repair/replacement.

“Openreach is reviewing a claim for damages from the Brighton and Hove Buses.”