Every week we showcase new talent making waves on the Brighton music scene. This week Tara Matthews chats to Jack Peacock, frontman of Dove House

How did BIMM help you to form a band?

We all knew each other from college and then we became very good friends at BIMM, mainly due to our mutual hatred of Nickelback.

What do you feel is the biggest benefit of being at BIMM when trying to get in to the music industry?

The tutors have a lot of contacts and the artist development department is pretty good at giving advice and pushing you in the right direction. However, it is still down to you to put yourself out there and seize opportunities. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time but this isn’t just down to luck, it’s putting yourself in these places to start with that is really going to help you.

What’s the reaction to your latest single, Perfect Life, been like since its release in August?

It’s been pretty thrilling especially to have the play on BBC introducing the South. Shout out to Melitta for giving us the spin! It’s a track that we knew we wanted to record as soon as we came up with it. The outro is probably my favourite part and we actually mixed in an explosion to give it that extra power right as it drops.

Has living in Brighton helped to develop the band?

Yeah. we practised in a room in our house so free rehearsals was a blessing. Shout out to our neighbour Frank for being so considerate about the noise. The scene in Brighton is awesome and there is just so much going on literally every night. We’ve got a couple of Brighton shows coming up, October 9 at The Latest Music Bar and October 22 at The Joker, so catch us there.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Brighton?

A couple of us played laser tag drunk in the morning once which was pretty cool. Mainly drinking and dancing, but mainly drinking somewhere. Kieran and I are very big fans of tequila. So yeah drinking mainly and going to gigs and playing gigs.

Where do you draw your influences from?

We have quite a mixture but I’d say we are firmly in the indie/indie rock sphere so to speak.  Bands like, The Strokes, We are Scientists, Bloc Party, Tame Impala.  But we all listen to different music and everyone brings something different to the table when we write.  We always try and do something different and never repeat ourselves so that every song is creative and new.

If you could support any band, who would it be?

Probably Run The Jewels. I don’t think the crowd would like us but they are crazy good so make sure you check them out.

Have you got much in store for your next gig?

We have got a couple of new tunes we are looking forward to playing as it’s been a while since we got to play anything new, so don’t miss out.

Which UK venue would you most like to play?

Wembley Stadium but everyone is upside down.

What’s next in store for Dove House?

Booked some studio time in late October and then we are shooting a video for the single so it should be out later this year. No hints on what it will be but keep your eyes peeled as this is going to be the biggest and best thing from us so far. We are really putting our all into this next single.

For more information or to see when and where Dove House are playing next, visit facebook.com/dovehouseuk