Now in its 17th year, Brighton’s very own The Treason Show is making a return to the stage to show audiences the funny side of some of the headlines filling the front pages.

The new show, Trump, Treason, Brexit and Korea, will be brought to you by the man behind the satirical sketch show, Mark Brailsford, and his team of witty writers.

With the post-election fallout polluting politics, Brexit falling apart and Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League, as well as Trump, Korea and international relations at the forefront of people’s minds, Brailsford says it is a great time for live satire.

He ran the show for nine years at Komedia in Brighton before taking the show to the Brighton Dome.

The show also tours, with recent versions touring Sussex and, intermittently, The Kookaburra Comedy Club in Berlin.

Now based at the Old Market in Brighton and the Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham, the show has gained a dedicated following.

Commenting on The Treason Show’s return to Shoreham for the upcoming gig, Brailsford said: “The Ropetackle just feels like the home of the show now. We love the team who work there and of course the venue itself. I was actually born in Shoreham so it feels right and the venue is just absolutely superb to perform in. We try and take more risks when playing to the crowd in Shoreham. In Brighton it tends to be a bit easier to take the act further and almost be a bit more extreme with the material.

“It feels old now but we are still going strong and I am very happy with the longevity of the show, which is amazing. I didn’t think it would last this long. I originally said we would do it for a few months and see what happened. Now here we are. When we first started, Margaret Thatcher was around so we had an enemy to focus our satire on straight away. Audiences can still expect our brand of songs and parodies.”

Written by a team of over 40 writers and performed by a team of multi-talented sketch performers, The Treason Show still has audiences holding back tears of laughter with its fast-moving comedy.

Brailsford said: “We are an entertaining and fun show to come out and watch. We are living in very difficult political times and I am still angry about how people are messing up the world, so the initial inspiration that was with us when we started in 2000 is still there.

“I think it was Peter Cook who said that satire can make a difference. It may be pretty ineffectual at times but we do definitely tap in to these larger issues which can lead to a change in thought or the actions of the audience.

“Essentially, people come to our show to share laughs with others about issues that are on their minds. I like it that people leave our show feeling a bit better about themselves.”

Audiences can expect the show to return with its usual laugh-a-minute style of live satire and Brailsford also promises the return of his famed Trump rendition.

He now has a chat show featuring him dressed as the US President, with real guests from the world of politics, sport and entertainment.

The show is filmed in front of a live audience and Brailsford hopes to send off the first couple of episodes to TV companies to gauge interest in the production.

He added: “It is great to get real people involved in this project as it makes for great satire and commentary.

“We recently did it with special guest Tony Janio, Conservative councillor for Hangleton and Knoll in Brighton. That was fascinating.

“It is a great spin-off from our main show.”