RECORD label founder Lara Rix-Martin, who heads up Objects Ltd, tells JOSH WALTON what to expect from the SPECTRUM gig she is headlining and has curated to showcase some of her favourite female artists.

What made you decide to focus on women and non-binary artists for your label?

I have been a part of the electronic music scene since I was a teenager and during that time I have witnessed how women and non-binary (NB) artists have been treated by the industry.

Day to day sexist barriers like stage managers or other stage supporters assuming that you are incapable of performing to men, sometimes audience members assaulting women/NB artists whilst they perform. I felt that with an exclusive roster of woman and NB artists, it would show how these artists are capable and can release music in a positive, supportive environment.

Do you think it is specifically electronic music these groups are under-represented in or music as a whole?

The electronic music scene has been built on the shoulders of people of colour, the LGBT+ community and some of the first pioneers who were women. In more modern times, men, namely white men, have taken over these scenes and claimed them as their own.

How has the label grown since you started it last year?

The label has grown tremendously. When I started Objects Ltd I hoped it would be successful of course, but I never assumed the wonderful positivity it has received from press and fans.

Who are your favourite artists being showcased at the event?

All the artists on the bill feature their own individuality and quirkiness that represents Objects Ltd so well. Ingrid Plum and Drill Folly aren’t on my label, however I’m proud to support local artists.

How did you choose the stage moniker Meemo Comma?

Funnily enough my daughter came up with the name. When she was three, she was obsessed with the idea there was a ghost living in our house called Meemo Comma. I thought it sounded pretty cool so, of course, I used it.

What would you say your main influences are as a musician?

My main influences as a musician would be Laurie Spiegel, Éliane Radigue, Jlin and DJ Diamond to name a few. My husband, Mike Paradinas has always been a wonderful support and helped give me confidence in my ability to produce music.

What can listeners expect from your new album?

My new album, Ghost On The Stairs, came out on September 1. It’s drawn from my experience with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). APD mostly affects how a person processes speech internally. Background noises merge with language and every background sound has equal relevancy making it hard for an APD listener to understand voices, music and disentangle multiple audio sources.