A GRANDFATHER who turned his council house into a major tourist attraction by reproducing the Sistine Chapel’s artwork on his ceilings has completed a portrait of the Labour leader.

A new work by former decorator Robert Burns, 70, imagines Jeremy Corbyn in the role of Saviour of the World, in an homage to a classic Renaissance work by Antonella de Messina.

Mr Burns told The Argus: “I’ve painted a few celebrities as well as painting the house, and I saw Jeremy Corbyn on the telly at the miner’s gala up in Durham and he drew a crowd of 100,000 people so I thought – I’ve got to do him, he’s of the moment isn’t he?

“This one is after Antonella da Messina but a lot of artists have done this. They’re always called Salvator Mundi which means saviour of the world. I’ve done Jose Mourinho in the same pose.

“Any celebrity who offers himself in a Renaissance pose, I’ll have a go.

“I did Wayne Rooney as St Francis of Assissi – I saw a picture of him in the sports pages and he’d missed a goal and had his hands clasped together. It looked looked like he wanted guidance from another force.

“The picture I’ve got of Jeremy Corbyn that I took it from, he just looks so profound.

“Maybe I’ve overdone the eyes a little but the picture I was working from was very startling like that.”

Mr Burns described himself as a “floating voter” who had voted for both Labour and Conservative candidates in the past.

Green party leader Caroline Lucas is his local MP, but Mr Burns said he would “absolutely” support a Labour candidate who had the vocal backing of Mr Corbyn.

Two years ago Mr Burns completed a 12-year labour of love transforming his three-bedroom home in Coldean into a tribute to Renaissance art and to the Vatican’s extraordinary galleries – despite never having been to Italy and without having been taught how to paint.

This new portrait of Jeremy Corbyn will hang beneath ceilings adorned with clouds and cherubs, and beside paintings of the Madonna, Nigella Lawson and Simon Cowell.