A NEW exhibition of limited edition artwork by music legend Bob Dylan has opened.

The exhibition features iconic landmarks painted by Dylan as he journeyed across America.

Titled The Beaten Path, the collection of 15 paintings has been released by one of the nation’s leading fine art publishers, Washington Green Fine Art, and was made available to buy from Castle Fine Art in Brighton yesterday.

From cityscapes to humble roadside eateries and highways, the collection of paintings offers a view into some of the most pivotal and powerful images from Dylan’s body of artwork to date.

When he is painting, he said he takes inspiration from “people of all stripes”.

Valerie Kaye, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, Brighton, said: “Following the overwhelming response to Dylan’s debut The Beaten Path collection last year, we have received huge demand for more of his work.

“It is a real honour to have this major new body of work in our gallery, giving us a unique insight into the everyday occurrences and objects of American life through Dylan’s eyes.

“We anticipate the artwork will be popular with collectors and art lovers across the world, and would invite those who would like to view the collection to visit the gallery sooner rather than later.”

As with his well-received debut collection, each edition in the new release will again be individually hand-signed by Dylan.

With each graphic produced in a variety of sizes, the collection is being sold at a starting price of £1,750.

Dylan has been drawing and painting for as long as he has been making hit records – more than five decades.

The American icon is one of the most influential musicians of the past century, but through his wide range of exquisite sketches, watercolours and acrylics, he has shown fans how his artistic vision goes beyond performing on stage.

He began drawing in the 1960s to pass time whilst recovering from a motorbike crash.

Dylan’s work was first brought to public attention in 1994 with the publication of the Drawn Blank book, a compilation of drawings and sketches made between 1989 and 1992 whilst on tour in America, Asia and Europe.

Dylan was approached by the Chemnitz Art Gallery in Germany over a decade later, with curators offering to display an exhibition of his sketches and drawings.

For more information about the collection, visit www.castlefineart.com or take a trip to Castle Fine Art in Nile Street, The Lanes, to see the exhibition.