WHEN Edi Jay Mandala set out to create a mosaic for this year’s Artwave Festival, he never dreamed the gardens used for inspiration would one day be its home.

As artist in residence for Artwave, Edi wanted to create a mosaic that would celebrate the 24 years of the festival and reflect the diversity of mediums and styles of more than 500 artists.

He used Southover Grange Gardens in Lewes as an inspiration for the design of You Tree, only to discover on completion that his work will be displayed there.

Edi, a bus driver with Brighton and Hove Bus Company, said: “I visited the gardens with my family earlier this year and I could never have believed I would have the honour of displaying my work permanently in this beautiful setting.

“I used the gardens as inspiration. There are some awesome ‘personality’ trees there that possess grace and beauty, the dry river bed and flower beds with the landscaping are all superb.”

Edi, who spent three days working on his mosaic at The Depot Cinema in Lewes during the festival, explained his project did not start out as a tree but evolved as an accumulation of all his interests.

You Tree mosaic will be installed in the Knot Gardens of Southover Grange this month. Artwave Festival is managed and supported by Lewes District Council.