A DEPRESSED former college worker killed herself hours after police visited her because of concerns over her welfare.

Honey Kutty, 28, was found outside her home in Preston Road, Brighton, by a meter reader going to work at her house, an inquest heard.

She suffered from depression and anxiety and had attempted to take her own life numerous times in the past before she was found dead on the morning of July 21.

Mrs Kutty, who had previously worked as a marketing officer at City College (now Brighton and Hove Metropolitan), sent a message to her husband, Tim Worpole, the day before her death telling him that she was going to commit suicide.

Extremely concerned, Mr Worpole called 999 and pleaded for officers to visit his wife.

PC Georgina Lake went and spoke to Mrs Kutty shortly after 10pm on July 20, staying for about half an hour.

Speaking at the inquest at Brighton and Hove Coroner’s Court at Woodvale, Brighton, on Wednesday, PC Lake said she and Mrs Kutty “talked through” how she was and she was confident she would be safe because she was staying with a friend that night.

PC Lake said: “I would do the same thing again. I don’t think there was anything else I could have done.”

No suicide note was found in the alleyway where Mrs Kutty took her own life and police could not find anything relevant when they looked through her laptop.

She had been prescribed anti-depressants and propranolol, an anxiety medication, after being diagnosed with depression.

A statement from Mrs Kutty’s GP, Dr Laura Marshall-Andrews, said she had had suicidal ideas from a young age and had made “several attempts to take her own life” in the past.

However, in June, their last encounter before Mrs Kutty’s death, Dr Marshall-Andrews said her patient seemed of sound mind.

A high amount of propranolol was found in her system along with a small dose of cannabis.

The propranolol was not enough to kill.

Husband Mr Worpole said he knew she was a cannabis smoker, but this was not deemed contributory.

Coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley recorded the death as suicide by hanging, concluding that Mrs Kutty took her own life and nobody else was involved.

She added that the presence of propranolol was a contributing factor in the death.