Timeout today is sure to bring back some memories as we continue our look back at the West Pier.

Our main picture today shows Brighton Mayor Bob Cristofoli opening the new West Pier Trust Shop in 1985.

A band of men dressed up and joined Mr Cristofoli, complete with instruments for the occasion –but do you know who they were or what they were dressed up as?

The shop served as the trust’s information centre for some time until its closure.

Does anyone remember when the centre ceased to be?

There were plenty of efforts to save the West Pier over the years.

Pictured is a Martin Foster, his blazer lapels covered with badges as he holds a collection tin.

Do you remember who he was, the role he played in the West Pier campaigns – and did you buy one of the pins from him?

Another picture shows Mr Foster alongside Rhoda Maple and Stephen Pickering clearing up the West Pier in 1979 just four years before the Crown Estate Commissioners sold it to the trust for £100.

The campaigns drew many high-profile supporters, including actor John Mills shown here in front of a banner emblazoned with the words “Oh, wot a luvly pier”.

He is also pictured alongside a woman dressed up carrying a basket.

Does anyone know who she was?

Finally, we include the picture that prompted our West Pier revisit.

The picture was captioned showing We Want the West Pier (WWWP) founder John Lloyd with what looked like a West Pier coin mock up in 1980.

The image shows a dated picture of the pier on one side and a commemoration of its designer, Eugenius Birch.

In Timeout last week, we asked what these circular coin-like designs were used for.

Argus reader Julia Powell emailed to explain more and her authenticity certificate is pictured above. See our nostalgia update, right, for more details on these mysterious coins.