UNTIL a couple of years ago I used to cycle and, if possible, used a cycle lane.

But as I drive around now I feel money is being totally wasted developing new ones.

Numerous cyclists ride on the main road next to the cycle lane and it often seems they find it demeaning to go on a cycle lane.

If they are in a pair or four or six riding two abreast it is almost impossible to overtake them.

And a lot of the time the outside front one is looking around talking and swerving all over the road.

They also ride up a steep hill next to a cycle lane holding up buses and numerous other vehicles.

Some cyclists will not stop at a pedestrian crossing and some ride the wrong way down one-way streets, ride through shopping

precincts and ride on the pavement.

I think that cyclists aged over 16 should pay some road tax and carry insurance.

Then when they shout at you at least we will know they have paid some contribution to the upkeep of the road.

I thought it was also law to have lights and a bell but it seems not many have them.

When I was on my paper round in 1955 I scooted on my cycle down a one-way street.

At the bottom I was stopped by a policeman and fined that week’s paper round money.

He also checked my lights and brakes and bell.

I didn’t do it again.

It’s a pity officers can’t police like this now.

R S Hirtle, Peacehaven