AN INVITATION to jump into the sea on a bitterly cold November day may not seem the most appetising offer.

But what if we said that by plunging into the icy depths you could be part of a remake of a beloved Brighton-based film?

That sweetens the deal.

Film-maker Richard DeDomenici is shooting a ten minute version of Brighton Rock, the 1947 movie starring Richard Attenborough, and needs volunteers to participate in recreating famous scenes from the film.

The filming takes place from 3pm to 4pm on Thursday on the seafront just to the right of Brighton Palace Pier.

The scene will replicate that of the original film in which revellers can be seen playing in the sea and on the beach.

Mr DeDomenici said: “We need people on the beach on Thursday.

“You don’t have to get in the sea, but if you want to, feel free.

“I don’t like to make people do anything I wouldn’t do myself so I’ll be in the water with my camera.

“It’s the last shot we’re filming so If I drop my camera into the sea hopefully it won’t matter so much.

“I might try and put it in some kind of plastic bag.”

Volunteers are also encouraged to dress in 1940s garments to suit the fashion of the era the original film was set in.

Mr DeDomenici has made over 40 “Redux” versions of popular films but Brighton Rock is the oldest film he’s ever adapted and the only one shot in black and white.

The film-maker said he wants to reproduce the film as closely as possible but that it’s not necessarily a problem to have anachronistic sights such as the i360 in the footage.

He said: “I would totally have the i360 in.

“We’ve had massive anachronisms in the Redux projects – skyscrapers are the most common.

“Sometimes that’s what people like best about the films.”

Mr DeDomenici started the Redux project by shooting scenes on the streets, but as it has grown he has gained access to high-profile locations.

He said: “The more we do, the more we are able to get access to better settings.

“Originally I thought we would just shoot in The Lanes but now we’ve managed to get permission to use the Pier.”

Mr DeDomenici’s completed film will be screened at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts on November 24. For information visit