FIND a teenager for a task!

That is the thinking behind MyPocketSkill, a new social impact company based in Brighton.

It has been set up by Matthew Harker and Zara Ransley who have many years’ experience working in public sector consulting and youth impact finance.

The company provides a digital and consulting services across the youth employability sector.

The platform connects young people who want to earn money and acquire skills and experience with families, businesses and charities.

Matthew, 47, has been based at the Entrepreneurial Spark in Preston Road, Brighton.

He said: “We link teenagers to parents, businesses and charities who go onto our site and promote specific tasks they need doing.

“It’s then up to the teenagers to say they are able to do what is needed.

“We are piloting this in two areas – Brighton and St Albans – working closely with young people in colleges.

“We aim for teenagers between 13 and 19 but most of the people at the moment are sixth-formers aged between 15 and 17.

“We have 700 people signed up so far and our target is 1,000 by the end of the year.

“We really feel there is potential for growth, including in London.”

Teenagers can create a profile of what skills they have on offer.

MyPocketSkill takes a commission when the deal is finalised between the teenager and the parent, business or charity, to cover the cost of the website.

Matthew said: “The booking can only be made through our site.

“It could be pet sitting, dog walking or helping someone through their music examinations.

“It could also be volunteering for charity which helps the young people learn new skills perfect for their CV when going to university or seeking employment.

“It can help teenagers to focus, gain experience of how to pitch, help them to network and also meet other businesses.

“We would love to take it nationwide but the focus is on impact and this is what we are looking at.

“Those using our site are less likely to end up as NEET – a young person who is not in education, employment or training.

“Very often the disengaged have skills but are frustrated.

“It’s about giving everyone an opportunity.”

The approach enables young people to hone and acquire new skills, financial savviness, entrepreneurial flair and gain exposure to different and interesting people and situations.

The purpose is to create an environment to help young people to explore what careers may interest them, discover what the world of work may be like, improve their employability (and potentially chances of setting up their own businesses) and to connect to their local community.