SCHOOL campaigners were joined by Steve Coogan to send a message to the chancellor ahead of the Autumn Budget.

The Save Our Schools (SOS) protesters took to the streets of London last night to project messages to Philip Hammond across three buildings in the capital.

Beginning at the Science Museum, they cast an image of the chancellor with a message which read: “Buildings crumbling. Subjects vanishing. Teachers leaving. Children suffering.

“Save our schools. Fund our future. #Budget2017.”

The Brighton-based group, led by parents, has achieved a national following since it launched in May.

Alison Ali, co-founder of SOS, said: “We are outside the Science Museum because we have a proud history of producing amazing scientists.

“Yet with the education system in crisis, class sizes growing, buildings crumbling and teachers leaving the profession in droves, we worry about where the future Stephen Hawking and Maggie Aderin-Pocock will come from.

“The Government tells us there is more money than ever in education but we’re hearing from head teachers about the heartbreaking cuts they are being forced to make.”

In September, Education Secretary Justine Greening promised an additional £1.3 billion would be available for her department. However, SOS dismissed her claims and said the money was being “recycled”.

SOS claims Government cuts to education will equate to £14 million in Brighton and Hove by 2020. That breaks down to £193,425 per school and £487 per pupil.

Actor Coogan, who has a home in Ovingdean, is outspoken in his support of state education. He sent his daughter to Dorothy Stringer in Brighton.

He joined the SOS march on Downing Street in July when schoolchildren delivered thousands of messages to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Mr Coogan said: “I’m here to show my support for the brilliant parent campaigners who are fighting to get a decent education for every child in this country.

“We cannot stand by while digital and design technology, specialised science subjects, the creative arts and sport get stripped from the state curriculum because of this Government’s draconian cuts.”

SOS moved on to the Tate Modern art gallery before finishing at the Treasury building itself in an attempt to make Mr Hammond listen before he announces the Budget next Wednesday.

The group is backed by Brighton and Hove three MPs.