A JURY has retired to consider their verdict after the death of a Lancing man beaten in his home.

Alan Creasey, 65, suffered devastating injuries after being punched and stamped on by Duncan Hearsey, 45, but Hearsey denies murder.

Nick Corsellis told Lewes Crown Court there had been four 999 calls on the evening of May 29, about Hearsey’s violent and aggressive behaviour that evening – culminating in police officers visiting the victim’s home but missing Hearsey by minutes.

Hearsey, of Emerald Quay, Shoreham, had been thrown out of two pubs after threatening bar staff and customers and smashed a kebab shop window.

His alleged victim could be heard telling Hearsey “go away” in a 999 call less than an hour before he was found mortally wounded. Hearsey could be heard to reply "I'll break your neck".

Mr Corsellis told the jury: "Hearsey attacked him with such massive force he can only have intended to kill him or cause him very serious harm. "

Hearsey told the jury himself that he did stamp on Mr Creasey's head but did not intend to cause him serious harm.

He said: “I just thought I was going to give him a black eye."