PETER POOLE attacks me for standing up for people who cycle (Argus Letters, November 15).

Yet if he had actually read my letter I acknowledged that some of the criticism around bad cycling is justified.

However, he didn't like me pointing out the unhealthy focus, by him and others, on the misdeeds of those who cycle.

If, as he says, there are only so many letters you can write, why doesn't he focus on the real and many other dangers to pedestrians?

Every year around 36 pedestrians are killed on pavements by motor vehicles.

In comparison one pedestrian is killed every three years by a cyclist.

I know some people who cycle can be annoying and inconsiderate, but they are clearly not the biggest threat to our health and safety.

What my letter was trying to do was to point out why we've ended up where we are.

Not to apologise for bad behaviour.

And if the half the energy that is put into hating people who cycle was directed at getting better cycle facilities, we'd all be better off.

Most cyclists would rather not be weaving in and out of pedestrians but in many instances they are given no other choice.

I've spent many years pushing for better pedestrian, cycle, bus and train infrastructure for this city.

So to try and paint me as an apologist for cyclists is a complete misrepresentation.

Yes I cycle but I also walk, catch buses and trains and I even drive.

So when I make statements about cycling I am not coming at it from a narrow viewpoint but as someone with a broad experience who has seen many mad and dangerous things on our streets.

Believe me, cycling is not the problem, even if sometimes it might be an irritation.

Chris Todd, Brighton & Hove Friends of the Earth