A PORN STAR has been spared jail after being exposed as a crystal meth dealer.

Alan Pollard, 28, from Brighton, was caught with £1,000 of class A drug crystal meth and class C drug GBL when police raided his home.

The drugs are popular at gay sex parties in the city.

Judge Charles Kemp said the offences were so serious Pollard could have faced four- and-half-years in jail.

Brighton Crown Court heard Pollard was caught in a raid on January 13 at his home in the Warwick Mount block of flats in Montague Street, Kemp Town, Brighton, after police came across text messages to his phone.

Matthew Turner, prosecuting, told the court: “Police forced entry and conducted a search of the studio flat. They found one litre of GBL in small containers and 80mg of crystal meth in a plastic bag in a side table. Together the drugs had a street value of £1,000.”

Police also came across a number of items associated with drug use, as well as scales and £250 in cash. When his phone was analysed police found messages between last November and January related to the supply of crystal meth and cannabis. He answered “no comment” in interview.

Crystal meth and GBL are popular drugs on the chemsex scene in Brighton and Hove, which involves gay men having sex under the influence of drugs at private gatherings often organised on gay apps like Grindr.

Methylamphetamine, known by its street name crystal meth, is extremely powerful and addictive. At these parties the drug is injected in an act known as “slamming”. Gamma-butyrolactone, known as GBL, produces a feeling of euphoria and reduces inhibitions.

In mitigation, the court heard Pollard funded his eight-year addiction to the drugs by starting to sell it. Defending, Tayo Adebayo told the court: “He has had an addiction to drugs through the social scene he was in. He cut himself off from his family, and was funding his habit by selling to friends.

“He regrets his actions were illegal and takes full responsibility for what he’s done. I ask you to give him an opportunity to deal with his addiction.”

Pollard, who goes by the stage name James Allen, has been in gay bondage porn films since 2007. He starred in films such as James Allen Punished, Daddy Darby’s Slave Boy Initiations and Dungeon Boys. Pollard pleaded guilty to offering to supply, and possession of, crystal meth and offering to supply, and possession of, GBL.

He had no previous convictions.

Sentencing, Judge Kemp, slammed the porn star for dealing the dangerous drugs. He said: “You have to understand why the court regards it so seriously. You have no control whose hands they end up in, often the most vulnerable who get addicted to them like yourself.

“This is why you should have never been involved in the foul trade. Often people have their lives blighted or extinguished by these drugs.”

Judge Kemp sentenced Pollard to two years’ imprisonment, but suspended the sentence for two years to allow him to focus on drug rehabilitation. He will also have to take part in drug rehabilitation for nine months and attend ten rehabilitation activity days.