A FORMER councillor who died on Boxing Day has been remembered by friends and colleagues as a loving family man and diligent public servant.

Brian Pidgeon, who represented Brighton’s Patcham ward for the Conservatives for 12 years until stepping down due to ill health in 2015, was 82.

His wife Joyce, also 82, told The Argus: “Brian was a very kind man.

“He was a very good father and the best husband.

“He wouldn’t stand any nonsense from anyone and he’d always argue his point if he really believed in it – he was very much a man of principle.”

Conservative group leader on Brighton and Hove City Council Tony Janio said: “Brian not only served the city with pride, dedication and passion over the years, but was also an early mentor to me as a new councillor.

“Often passing judgment in his own unique style with a punishing ‘that is a disgrace young man’, I soon learned what Brian thought on many issues.

“He will be missed by everybody who knew him.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all who knew him at this difficult time.”

Councillor Mary Mears said: “I always had the utmost respect for Brian, it was a real honour to work with him.”

“He was one of the hardest working councillors in the ward – no disrespect to anyone else. He was so highly respected.

“Residents from Patcham would come to me with a problem and say ‘where can I turn’ and I’d tell them to talk to Brian.

“Afterwards they would come back to me and say what an amazing man he was. He really put himself out for people.

“He was hard working, caring and grumpy sometimes too but he worked so, so diligently for his ward for all those years.”

Councillor Steve Bell said: “I will always remember fondly Brian reading me the riot act on party policy. He was a formidable character in his cheesecloth cap and such a lovely dedicated man.”

Maria Caulfield MP said: “Brian was a man and voice of experience who when I first joined the council took me under his wing and I was impressed by his passion for serving the city.

“He always kept in touch with me offering advice and support after he stood down and I shall miss his charms and ways.”

Council leader Warren Morgan described him as dedicated and hardworking and extended his sympathies to his family, friends and former colleagues.”

Councillor Pidgeon is survived by his wife Joyce, daughters Tracey and Davina and three grandchildren.