THE Conservative candidate for the forthcoming by-election in one of Brighton’s strongest Labour areas has promised an electoral upset.

Edward Wilson, 20, was selected yesterday to fight the seat for the Tories in next month’s by-election, triggered by the resignation of Councillor Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

A victory for Mr Wilson would require a swing of nearly 40 per cent in a staunchly Labour area.

But he said: “One hundred per cent I’m in it to win it, there’s no doubt about it. I’m here to win.

Mr Wilson, who grew up in Kent, studies politics at the University of Sussex and lives in a flatshare in Lewes Road.

He said he was motivated to go into local politics through the Conservative Association at the university and by his experience when he moved to the city.

He said: “My first student house, in Preston Park, made it clear to me. I had to get involved in politics.

“There were homes with holes in the walls and I had animal infestations and that was being put up as acceptable and it’s not.”

He also identified recycling as a key issue, adding: “I would put pressure on the council on recycling. When I came to Brighton I was astounded by how poor recycling is compared to Bromley.

“If you don’t look after the environment you don’t look after those around you. Asking for these things shouldn’t be a task, it should be something we already have.”

Mr Edwards, who works night shifts at Waitrose to help fund his studies, said: “I think it’s fundamental that if you can work, you should work.”

The second-year student is planning to study a master’s and a PhD after graduating, with an eye to working overseas in the energy sector.

But he said: “My main focus is winning this by-election.”

Councillor Mary Mears who chaired the Kemp Town Conservative Association selection panel, said: “I think he is a really compassionate young man, a compassionate Conservative.

“He’s keen to genuinely represent the whole of the community regardless of their political views.”