Nick Mosley talks to Brighton’s juice guru, Anita Drozd of Youjuice, about the benefits of juicing.

What are the benefits of juicing in terms of general health and weight loss?

Most of us tend to over-indulge from time to time on food and drink, especially at this time of the year. But let’s not beat ourselves up.

At Youjuice we don’t believe in quick fixes. I don’t believe in magic detoxes and express weight loss: I believe in giving the body pure nutrition in juice form.

Our Raw Cold pressed juice is full of enzymes and minerals, and thanks to its unique extraction method is absorbed quickly so the effects can be noticed immediately.

Many people see the following during and after a juice cleanse: clear skin, weight loss, reduced bloating, feeling energised, better sleeping patterns and a stronger immune system.

You now have three stores in Brighton, do you have further expansion plans?

If you don’t forward you go backwards. So the answer is I do have expansion plans. This year we will focus on a weekly office run and door-to-door deliveries. We are also working on a franchise model.

In terms of essential nutrition, is juicing an alternative to a balanced diet?

Yes and no. Cold pressed juice is an excellent source of nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

There is no doubt that it contributes to a balanced diet. It’s great to give a boost to your body and a break to your digestive system by drinking only juice for several days. Personally I do one day of juice only on the first and last Monday of each month.

However, the human body also needs fibre and proteins which cannot be found in good quality cold pressed juice.

That’s why we don’t stop at juice and offer an extended range of nutritious and delicious soups, salads and raw snacks which play a huge part in a healthy and balanced diet.

Is it important to use organic fruit and vegetables?

Absolutely yes but as we all know it can very pricey. If you can’t afford organic try to use local fruit and vegetables as much as possible.

Although Youjuice quality comes first I would rather use non-certified fruit and vegetables from trusted local growers than choose the same – quite often more expansive – organic produce which travelled thousands of miles. Our ethos is to use local and organic produce as much as possible.

If people wanted to juice at home, what basic equipment would they need?

It really depends on their budget. Hurom and Green Star juicers are good to start with. I’ve used the Angel 5500 for last for years and could not recommend it highly enough.

What’s a good general health juice to kick start the day?

For me it is always a ginger, lemon and apple immunity shot followed by any of our green juices. I’m sure quite a few of our regulars would agree on that.

lYoujuice stores can be found at 96 North Road, 17 Montpelier Place and 48 Brunswick Street East, Brighton.