THE Angel of Brighton, a 20ft high mural, has been unveiled by artist Cosmo Sarson in memory of his father who passed away almost a year ago.

The new mural depicts a winged semi-nude woman and covers the side of a three-storey building in Regent Street in Brighton’s North Laine.

Mr Sarson is famous for his Breakdancing Jesus mural he painted in 2013 opposite Banksy’s “Mild Wild West” in Bristol.

He said: “It is painted in memory of my father, Timothy Sarson, it is not meant to be religious but part of the link of the angel is to my father and of him possibly going up to heaven.”

He added that he sees his creation as a beacon of hope for all who had a bad year and are wishing for a fresh start to 2018 with the angel metaphorically rising from the ashes of 2017.

Painted with brushstrokes and fresco painting techniques instead of spray cans, which is the more common medium for street artists, Cosmo Sarson says the new mural is part of his Renaissance theme that started with his Breakdancing Jesus.

It took him three days to paint it, although he had to start twice because the paint was washed away by the rain.

He chose to paint an angel as part of the mythological and Catholic theme he started with his mural depicting Jesus in 2013.

The artist hopes the glittering angel, which he made using four kilos of gold glitter mixed in paint, will bring light to the people of Brighton in 2018, especially when the sun comes out and the gold sparkles in the sunlight.

While he doesn’t see himself as a street artist he believes that street art can make people’s lives brighter.

Mr Sarson said: “It’s a nice idea to bring Renaissance art out of the museums and into the street.

“Maybe a lot of people forget to visit an art gallery and this way they can just see it on the street.”

Sarson’s Breakdancing Jesus mural, which depicted a 28ft Jesus breakdancing, was inspired by a breakdance performance for Pope John Paul II in 2004 and made headlines around the world.

Mr Sarson studied fine art and received a classical painting training by the Turner Prize-nominated artist Peter Doig in London.

To support his creative career, Mr Sarson works as a scenic artist at Pinewood and Shepperton film which has led his creations ending up on the wall of none other than Brad Pitt.

Mr Sarson just moved to Brighton over the summer from London and says he “hasn’t looked back since.”