A CRAZED boyfriend who almost killed his partner’s secret lover has been jailed for ten years.

Tyler Hallett punctured Steven Marchant’s lung when he stabbed him in Hove after they became embroiled in a love triangle.

Hallett, 21, found out his pal Mr Marchant slept with his girlfriend Chelsea Turner while Hallett was on a birthday holiday abroad.

The two also romped in the bed they shared while Hallett’s two children were in the house.

Hallett, of Vale Road in Portslade, grew suspicious after seeing texts between the two, and got a confession from Miss Turner about her affair on the morning of September 19 last year.

He discovered Mr Marchant was working on a scaffolding in Kingsway, Hove, and, in a blind rage, hunted him down and stabbed him repeatedly.

At Hallett’s sentencing yesterday, Hove Crown Court was shown CCTV footage of the brutal minute-long attack.

The thug climbs up the scaffolding and grapples with his victim before sticking the knife in his back and slashing him.

Mr Marchant begins wrestling back and is injured further as he grabs the blade. He eventually manages to throw Hallett off the scaffolding and Hallett runs off.

The court was also shown images of Mr Marchant’s injuries, which included a wound on his back and cuts to his hand.

He required a chest drain to support his punctured lung.

Hallett, wearing a blue Stone Island jumper, showed no emotion throughout the sentencing.

His aunt and girlfriend supported him from the public gallery.

The Argus understands Miss Turner is standing by her convict boyfriend.

Hallett’s mother was also present, and began crying as her son was told he will be spending the next decade behind bars.

Hallett refused to co-operate with officers when he was arrested and later denied the attacker in the CCTV footage was him.

He also pleaded not guilty to wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon in October, but changed his plea the following month.

He has six previous convictions for eight offences, including burglary and two counts of possession of cannabis.

His criminal history stretches back to 2009 and he admitted he had been using cannabis while in Lewes Prison but stopped two months ago.

Judge Paul Tain, sentencing, told Hallett: “It is self-evidently a case of the utmost seriousness.

“It may well be the case that the victim has made a good recovery, but it is arguably a miracle that he has survived.

“Your intention was quite clearly to cause him really serious injury.

“With everyday experience, people in relationships fall out and find that they want to spend time with other people.

“That does not permit the other partner to respond in the aggressive way that you responded.

“In my view, you are clearly dangerous.”

The probation service deemed Hallett significantly likely to reoffend in the future.

“Had the probation service pointed me in another direction, I would have overruled them on the basis of what I have seen on the CCTV,” said Judge Tain.

Hallett was given ten years for wounding with intent and two years for possession of the knife. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

He must serve at least two thirds of the sentence, and there will be an additional four years of supervision if he is released on parole.

The defence argued the fact his children were in the house when his girlfriend cheated on him was on his mind during the attack.

They said Hallett felt Mr Marchant was personally trying to “get at him” through having a relationship with Miss Turner.

Judge Tain said this was the minimum term he could enforce.