RESIDENTS are angry at a rental car company which appears to be taking up much-needed parking spaces near their homes.

Members of the Surrenden Area Parking Campaign (SAPC) group say that residents spotted up to 18 rental cars belonging to Alamo/Enterprise parked from Surrenden Crescent to Loder Road, Brighton last week.

The group said although there are currently no restrictions in place to stop the cars parking there until they are rented out, it is only causing further problems for residents trying to park close to home.

SAPC member and retired investment bank director, Colin Jones, 61, said: “It was basically 18 parking places being taken up.

“Our concerns are mainly safety issues in the area.

“People can’t park near their front doors and there is no space for visitors.

“The situation has dramatically deteriorated over the last four months.

“There is no comprehensive solution.

“We have almost completed our parking survey of residents in the area.”

The group’s main concerns include elderly residents, students and children finding it difficult to cross roads because of the congestion, bus services being slowed down due to poor parking and emergency vehicle access being impacted.

The group has asked Enterprise to remove the vehicles from the area.

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: "We are aware of the Surrenden residents’ concerns and will be responding to them in due course."

Enterprise said it apologises to residents for the inconvenience and the company is seeking a solution.

A spokesman for Enterprise said: "On occasion we have temporarily parked vehicles in the Surrenden Road area where there are no parking restrictions.

"This is due to the number of vehicles at the Brighton branch during peak times.

"Demand from local residents and businesses has grown over the last year, which has put the Brighton branch close to capacity during those peak times.

"As a result, we are currently looking for additional parking in the town.

"We’re in contact with the council about sourcing additional parking and are also looking into the possibility of opening an additional branch in Brighton, if we can find the right premises.

"We recognise that the current situation is not ideal and we assure you we are doing all possible to find a solution.

"Of course, we would like to apologise for any inconvenienced caused to local residents.”