A GROUP of neighbours has objected to a homeowner’s plan to replace an extension to his property with an “overbearing” three-bedroom house.

The residents of Chailey Crescent in Saltdean raised a number of concerns after the owner of a house in the street, who no longer lives there, applied for planning permission to demolish a two-storey side extension to make way for the new build.

Issues raised about the proposals during Telscombe Town Council’s planning committee meeting on Monday night included parking and vehicle access, windows overlooking other properties the transportation of building materials into the crescent, environmental factors and health and safety.

Speaking at the meeting, Chailey Crescent resident and neighbourhood watch co-ordinator Justin King, 48, said: “I must state quite firmly that I do not wish my boundary to be compromised in any way and this demolition and rebuild would clearly demonstrate this.

“This project also poses extensive loss of privacy issues, together with pollution such as fumes from a constant stream of trucks, vans and building equipment, which will pose severe transport and parking issues, adding fuel to already heated tensions in this regard.

“There are also wildlife issues from my house with trees on the boundary of my property in which all manner of birds live all year long and I will take advice from the RSPB.

“As stated before, the levels of disruption is to factor highly and cause mass irritation and inconvenience.

“To summarise, this is not a sustainable project and will only cause intense friction among the people who already live and have moved here since the home owner chose to leave some 15 years ago.”

The grandmother of a young boy who suffers serious heart problems raised concerns at the meeting about the effect the proposed development may have on the quality of air he would be breathing in.

She said: “He is a little boy who has half a heart.

“His saturation levels are really low.

“This could be really dangerous for him.

“Health is an issue.”

During the meeting the mayor of Telscombe, Councillor Joanna Wilkins, asked if residents always use their own parking spaces in the street, to which one of them replied they do “religiously”.

East Saltdean ward councillor Job Harris said the proposals for the property seemed to be “grossly overdeveloped”.

Town councillors unanimously recommended the application be refused at the meeting after residents voiced their concerns.

The proposals will now be considered by Lewes District Council.