USED drugs needles, dirty clothes and rubbish have left a man with no option but to look for a new home.

The items have been scattered across the front garden of Jack Tester’s Worthing flat on a daily basis for months – and he has had enough.

Mr Tester, 23, moved to the address in Chapel Road last year, but the issue has developed significantly in the past four months.

He now has to sort through the trash to make sure there is no drug paraphernalia, which he clears himself.

Mr Tester said: “I love the flat itself, it’s my dream place.

“I don’t want to leave it but I can’t carry on doing this.

“The needles didn’t start for a few months, but once I found one, more and more started to come.

“Drug users are coming and using it as a place to keep their things.

“Once I found a dirty pair of underpants. It’s disgusting.”

Although he does not want to leave, Mr Tester thinks it is a decision that has to be made.

“It is for safety more than anything,” he said.

"I am constantly worried that I am going to have a window smashed when I get back from work – you don’t know what these people might do.

“I also worry that I might tread on a needle, but I try to be as careful as possible.”

He said he found about 30 needles – possibly more – in one day.

The syringes appear in his garden on a daily basis.

Mr Tester, who works full-time as a sales assistant, almost caught one of the suspects in the act when he spotted them from his window but they ran away once he got down to the ground.

The flat costs him about £900 per month to rent, which Mr Tester believes is a good deal, but he will have to look elsewhere because of the area he is living in.

“I don’t want to leave at all,” he said.

“It is a luxury apartment. The surroundings have spoiled it.

“I am forever kicking rubbish to one side when I leave for work and come home.

“This is the first time I have thought ‘this is actually scary’.

“I used to live in Lancing, but wanted to start a little life here.

“Now I think I’ve got to go.

“I’m moving because of this problem, it’s a joke.”

Adur and Worthing Councils said it was not a matter for them to deal with.