COULD this be Brighton’s worst parker?

One unlucky man seems to think so, claiming the Volkswagen Golf reversed into his car to get into an extremely tight space in Seven Dials.

The motorist was perplexed to find his silver Vauxhall Corsa apparently shunted back by the blue Golf, so far that his door was blocked by a tree.

He said the Golf also appeared to make contact with a black Audi in front to get into the space in Compton Avenue, Brighton.

Speaking to The Argus, the marketing director, 30, of Compton Avenue, who did not want to be named, said: “I was going to London for the day and walked out my flat to go to the train station and I noticed that this car was less than inch away from mine.

“You don’t usually get that, so then I went to the other side of the Golf and saw its bumper almost into the Audi’s bumper.

“I thought how on earth has he managed to get into this space, he couldn’t have done it without pushing my car around.

“It was also at a complete angle, so he had just shoved it in and given up.

“It was still poking over the white line of the parking space.”

He said there was only slight damage to his Corsa, but he was most annoyed his car had been pushed back so he could not open his car door – so much so he had to climb over the passenger’s seat to get in.

He said: “The man or woman driver had pushed it back so far the tree was in the way.

“They had forced the car back about a foot.

“I find it crazy. Who reverses into a car to push it backwards?

“I would never do that to someone else.

“All they wanted to do was get into a space and they did not have any thought or consideration for any of their neighbours.”

It seems the Golf driver was determined to get in the space.

Such is the demand for parking in Zone Y, which covers the northern area of central Brighton, there are 275 people on the waiting list.

The Corsa driver added: “I’ve never had anything like this before.

“The big townhouses have three or four flats in them but the width of the house is only one or two parking spaces. So there is a shortage of parking around here.

“Sometimes if I come home in the late evening I have to park two or three streets away. It’s just how it is. It’s frustrating, but if it’s too small a space you just have to put up with parking down the road.”

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