A PATIENT has become the first in the UK to be implanted with an innovative cardiac device to modulate the heart’s beat.

It works completely differently from standard heart failure devices currently used.

It opens up a new horizon to patients with heart failure who would not benefit from conventional therapy.

Brenda Fordham from Eastbourne is the first patient to benefit,

This new device sends the heart messages to modify the heart cells as they beat in process known as Cardiac Contractility Modulation.

This device differs from a pacemaker which tells the heart when to beat.

It is suggested the unique mechanism of this device stimulates abnormal heart failure genes to work normally.

Consultant cardiologist, Dr Neil Sulke said: “This device is a major advance in the treatment of patients with end stage cardiac heart failure.

“We are pleased to be the first cardiac unit in the UK to implant it.

£”At East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust we are helping to lead the way in cardiac device therapy which I hope in time will become the standard way to treat patients with end stage heart failure.”

Another unique feature of this device is that it can be recharged externally with a charging device which sits over the device and does not require connection to power when charging.

Studies in the Germany indicate this device has been shown to reduce hospital admissions for heart failure and major cardiac events helping to reduce the risk of death resulting in patients living longer.