DISGRACED Labour activist Tony Greenstein claims he is ‘unrepentant’ after being expelled from the Party for anti-Semitic behaviour.

Mr Greenstein, who identifies as anti-Zionist, was suspended in 2016 after the Party’s compliance unit received complaints of his anti-Semitic views. He was accused of using offensive slurs, including the use of the word ‘zio’, a derogatory term to describe Jewish people.

On Sunday, Labour’s National Constitutional Committee found Mr Greenstein guilty on three counts of breaching the Party’s rule book.

But Mr Greenstein maintains he has been “targeted” by the Jewish Labour Movement due to his opposition to the Israeli state.

He is a founding member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods.

He said: “I have been suspended for my views, not for what I did.”

Now he says he will fight the verdict.

Mr Greenstein is vice-chair of Labour Against the Witch-hunt, a group that challenges the suspension of members on the far-Left of the Party.

“I am unrepentant and I shall be fighting for reinstatement,” he said. “I shall be back within five years.”

He also claimed there was “no fair procedure” in the Labour Party.

The expulsion comes almost two years after he was originally suspended. During this time he claims to have been the target of anti-Semitic abuse.

He said: “It has been a stressful time, having these accusations hanging over me.”

Ivor Caplin, former MP for Hove, welcomed the decision but said it had taken an “unacceptably long time”.

In a statement for the Jewish Labour Movement, he said: “[Greenstein’s] continued membership is at complete odds with our collective values of solidarity, tolerance and respect.”

Speaking to the Argus, Caplin added: “I am delighted that our values have been placed at the forefront as we seek to form a government.”

Despite being expelled from the Labour Party, Mr Greenstein remains a member of Brighton and Hove Momentum - the hard left grassroots side of the party.

Mr Greenstein has been a controversial figure within the Party for decades.

In an interview with the Argus in 2013, he said Tony Blair and George Bush should be “hanged for war crimes”.