REMAINERS gathered on the seafront to voice their opposition to Brexit last night.

Dozens rallied as the anti-Brexit bus stopped off in Brighton, with organisers of the campaign outlining their reasons for wanting to remain in the European Union.

The Is it worth it? campaign states, based on a recent Government report, that Brexit, with a Free Trade Agreement, will cost us five per cent of GDP after 15 years.

Organisers say Brexit will cost the country £2,000 million a week.

Phillip Richmond, one of the organisers, said: “What we want to do is get the message out to people who voted Leave and were maybe not totally committed to show they don’t have to accept it.

“We are simply looking at the facts and asking, is it worth it?”

Mr Richmond is one of seven organisers of the campaign, which was originally called Camden For Europe.

It has now become a national scheme as the anti-Brexit bus, or as the campaign calls it, the Facts Bus, tours 33 cities and towns across England, Wales and Scotland in just eight days.

The bus pulled up at Madeira Drive, near the Palace Pier, at around 5pm.

Members of the group gave speeches and some Brightonians hopped on to tour through the city afterwards.

One of those was Sue Kelly, who believes there is “nothing good about Brexit”.

And the 60-year-old mother, who lives in Mile Oak, insists the NHS will be hit extremely hard if Britain leaves the EU.

She said: “Brexit is going to destroy the NHS.

“The Leave campaign was built completely on lies.

“I campaign for the NHS because they cared for my dad before he died. We will actually have some money if we Remain, but we will lose so much if Brexit goes through.”

The bus is a mock of the Vote Leave campaign’s red bus which famously proclaimed that the UK sends the EU £350 million per week as a member state.

Valerie Yorke has travelled with the crew since they took off from Camden, London, where she lives last week.

Ms Yorke, 70, is adamant the country is better off in Europe.

She said: “I lived in France for a couple of years before we were in the EU.

“Britain was not the strongest country then, but now we are prosperous compared to others. We have gained so much from Europe.

“We have all the best parts of the deal at the moment, for example the Schengen agreement, which we are not a part of.

“Young people will have more opportunities if we Remain.”

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to keep the anti-Brexit bus on the road for a few more stops.

To donate, go to