GUESTS at a cheese festival who were left disappointed by a lack of the smelly stuff on offer are calling for a refund. 

The Big Cheese Festival, which was held at Hove Lawns yesterday, has been branded a "shocking experience" by guests, with some saying they counted no more than two cheese stalls.

Several social media users said they left the festival feeling cheesed off and are now calling for a full refund.

Charlotte Bliss, from Eastbourne, said: "The cooked cheese items also amounted to no more than three stalls with huge queues. 

"I am appalled that this was allowed to be called a cheese festival. 

"I also purchased another ticket at the gate.

"I will never attend another event like this in Brighton."

In an email to the event's organisers seen by The Argus, another guest, Flora Adam, said: "I attended the event this afternoon and am extremely disappointed.

"The event was in no way as advertised and had very little stands compared to what was promised.

"Only a few hot foot stands (far from the 30-35 advertised) with no raclette cheese or fondue as detailed in your numerous Facebook promotions.

"Stands were unprepared for the event and after queuing for 45 minutes we were told that halloumi fries were unavailable at about 2.30pm.

"The gouda stand was running out of cheese as we left at 3pm.

"Again, nothing as advertised and well overpriced at £44 for two people.

"I believe trading standards in this instance haven't been met and request a full refund."

Facebook groups have even been set up criticising the event, including one titled The Big Cheese Festival was a Load of Rubbish.

Organisers posted the following message on Facebook: "Firstly, we would like to thank the thousands who attended The Big Cheese Festival today and who congaed their way around the Main Stage Tent, creating that incredible Festival Atmosphere.

"We would like to express our sympathy toward some of our amazing cheese and cheesey Street Food Traders who were traveling to the city from across the country, and who due to adverse weather conditions and impassable roads, were unfortunately forced to abort their journeys today.

"Sadly due to this, a few compromises had to be made and we are disappointed that a larger variety of cheese wasn’t available.

"Despite this, our cheese traders who were able to attend showed amazing dedication throughout the event, and did not fail to deliver, with food available right to the end.

"We would like to offer everyone who purchased a ticket 50 per cent discount to next years event.

"All feedback will be taken on board, please email"

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