AN INCLUSIVE men’s rugby team are preparing to strip off their muddy kits for a naked calendar shoot.

Brighton and Hove Sea Serpents RFC, which welcomes both gay and straight men to play together, are teaming up with The Naked Rugby Players Calendar for next year’s release.

The team will be joining other gay and inclusive teams from across the UK, with players from Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow and Northampton all coming together to raise money for their clubs and the Balls To Cancer charity.

Damian Giles, club secretary of the Brighton and Hove Sea Serpents, said: “This is a unique fundraising opportunity for our rugby club.

“It is an activity that can create a greater team spirit and bolster our relationships with the many other gay and inclusive rugby clubs across the UK.

“Testicular cancer can affect men directly whatever their sexuality, of course, everyone can be affected by cancer whether their own or of someone they love.

“Being aware of the early signs improves potential for successful treatment and the club sees education as vital.

“The players, including me, who are taking part in this project are looking forward to sharing our assets with the audience of the calendar and hope the people of Sussex and further afield buy one to promote us, the sport of rugby and most importantly testicular cancer awareness.”

Last year’s calendar was a global success and the photoshoot for next year’s release will see a new batch of players ready to strip for the cause.

Lead photographer for the calendar, Monty McKinnen, will be taking pictures of the teams in rugby scenarios on and off the pitch.

The players are hoping for warmer weather by the end of the month, when they will have to drop their shorts and brave all.

Mr McKinnen said: “I’m so excited to be returning to The Naked Rugby Players to build on the success of 2018.

“It’s a real privilege to be involved in a project that raises awareness about male cancers and the importance of checking yourself regularly whilst shining a spotlight on inclusive rugby across the UK.

Pre-orders for the calendar can be made by visiting