An 85-year-old pensioner has defied stereotypes by taking on a daring abseil down the i360.

Jeannine Brett, of Brighton, said she has never considered her age to be an obstacle.

The daredevil grandmother, who will turn 86 in May, will be abseiling down the seafront attraction on March 17 to support the Rocking Horse appeal and the Trevor Mann Baby Unit.

She said: “I am very excited about this and I am not nervous at all. I just like to do things to keep me moving.

“I don’t feel my age at all, I have to do something, I can’t sit for more than two minutes. And I am really keen to raise money for children’s charities which are really in need of funding.

“Before my husband passed away I made him a promise I would abseil down the i360 as an adventure.”

Three years ago Jeannine was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had underwent an operation four months before she abseiled down The Grand

hotel in Brighton with her grandson Ben.

She raised money for Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation.

In 2015 she was named Grandparent of the Year in The Argus Community Star Awards which acknowledge the unsung heroes of the community.

She said: “I was surprised I got breast cancer because of my age but even after the operation it didn’t stop me from what I had planned to do.

“I think you shouldn’t let your age stop you from what you want to do in life.

“I will be abseiling with my grandson, who is 15 and we’re very excited about this.

“A lot of people would say I am too old to do anything, but it’s not true.

“If you set your heart on it you can achieve what you want.”

Jeannine will also be abseiling alongside 32 other celebrities, including boxer Chris Eubank Jr.

After this she has plans to abseil down the Hilton Brighton Metropole and do another hair-raising escapade, wingwalking.

She has set up a page on JustGiving to raise £1,000 for children’s charities. Visit to support her efforts.