Brighton Sheet Metal has announced it will close down next week with the loss of more than 50 jobs after it failed to generate enough sales to pay back its creditors.

The metal supply company, at the The Hyde Business Park, delivered the sad news on Monday where they made 51 employees redundant.

However, they have kept 21 staff members to complete outstanding orders from customers.

The factory is currently under the administration of Moorfields, who have arranged for staff to look for other jobs and gave advice on how to claim their redundancy package. Despite being the largest manufacturer of the south coast, the company, which was established in 1953, had shown early signs of trouble last year.

In August they axed 18 employees as part of its cost-cutting measures.

Administrator Nick O’Reilly said: “Sadly, we made 51 workers redundant on the date of our appointment but 21 staff have been retained by the administrators to complete orders this week. It is likely that trading will cease completely early next week.

“We have provided assistance to employees to look for jobs in similar industries. All the workers are highly skilled, so hopefully they can secure employment soon.

“It’s sad because it has such a long history in Brighton. Once it closes down the machinery will be sold at auction and the property will go on the market.

“It had good sales and a lot of loyal customers, but the company was unable to meet the deadlines creditors set out for it.”

Paul Stevens, of Brighton, is a former employee and he said it was a shame the company will be shutting down.

He said: “When they announced they were cutting staff members it was a clear indication the company was struggling.

“So I left before Christmas and luckily I was able to find myself another job in the same industry.

“It’s a real shame that the company has ended this way.

There aren’t many factories left in Brighton.

“It was the biggest metal company in Sussex and now it’s gone.”