LONGHILL High School is on the right track to becoming a good-rated school, according to Ofsted inspectors.

Improvements at the secondary school in Rottingdean were highlighted in a monitoring inspection by the schools’ watchdog, which aimed to find out if itwas taking effective action to raise standards.

It comes after the Falmer Road school received two successive “requiring improvement” Ofsted reports in 2013 and 2016.

Inspectors said the school was “taking effective action to tackle areas requiring improvement... in order for the school to become good”.

Their report highlighted a substantial improvement in behaviour, after a new behaviour policy was drawn up. It said the number of disruptions to lessons had reduced considerably.

But Ofsted found there were “some staff who do not insist upon pupils’ full concentration and attention”, leading to a slip in high standards.

The improvement in teaching was also praised. The report read: “Through better-quality day-to-day teaching and learning, you are raising standards without losing any of the school’s welcoming atmosphere.”

The school is hopeful the faster progress of its pupils will lead to better GCSE results after “disappointing” results last year.

Inspector Janey Pearce recommended the school take further action to:

l increase most-able pupils’ progress so they can achieve the highest standards

l ensure staff strictly adhere to the school’s approaches to teaching and managing pupils’ behaviour

l develop pupils’ self-confidence and learning skills.

The school said: “We are pleased to tell you that our journey to becoming a good-rated school is firmly on the right track.

“Whilst the report points out the areas which still require more action in order to reach the highest standards, it is an overwhelmingly positive report that reflects the hard work and determination to succeed shown by senior leaders, governors, staff and students.

“The report clearly highlights improvements that the school has made since its last inspection in 2016 and includes strong acknowledgements of these from the students themselves. “The leadership and governing board of Longhill High are very proud of the recognition given in this report.”