A WOMAN is fuming after her pre-ordered flowers for Mother’s Day arrived late in an abysmal state.

Debbie Prince, 59, of Leeway, Newhaven, ordered a bouquet of flowers for her mother, Pamela, 84, from Lovely Flora World’s website.

The flowers were due to arrive on Saturday but they were only delivered yesterday afternoon and proved to be a major disappointment.

Ms Prince was outraged by the carelessness of the company, which she said failed to respond to their enquiries.

She said: “We were very upset about the state of the flowers. When we received the delivery, they were floppy, wilting and sad-looking.

“There are little daisies, roses and gypsophila.

“The presentation was also very poor, the bottom of the stems were just wrapped in Sellotape.

“They were in a such a terrible state and my mother was very disappointed. They were ordered by my sister from Dorset. She has been on the phone trying to contact them asking for a refund and to resend our order.”

Ms Prince said this was not the first time they ordered flowers from Lovely Flora World.

“Last year, they received their flowers in perfect condition and thought they would order from them again.

She added: “I think they took on too many orders and they couldn’t cope. We won’t be ordering from them again.”

Her mum said: “I am really disappointed with the flowers because they looked so terrible.”

Lisa Prince, 49, sister of Debbie, said: “I have emailed them six times and they have not responded. I asked them to provide us with a full refund, and to re-deliver our order.

“The order is drastically different from its picture.

“This is the second time I’ve used them.

“The first time they delivered my order without a problem so I thought I would use them again.

“It’s very disappointing. I couldn’t believe this has happened.

“I think next time I’ll get something from a supermarkets like Tesco because they’re cheaper and they are in good condition.”

It comes after Marks & Spencer was criticised by angry customers when many pre-ordered flowers were left in a poor state.

Lovely Flora World did not respond with a comment.